Welcome to StarBLAST!


StarBlast is a scalable extension of SequenceServer BLAST, making BLAST accessible to educators and researchers running classroom-scale searches concurrently.

StarBLAST utilizes cctools for faster, distributed computing and CyVerse’s Visual Interactive Computing Environment (VICE).

What is SequenceServer?

SequenceServer is a front-end implementation of BLAST with improved GUI and customizable database input developed by the Wurmlab at Queen Mary University of London (Priyam et al., 2019). However, it is limited in its scaling capabilities and may be difficult to deploy for some people. StarBLAST extends SequenceServer for easier deployment and to scale for a larger number of simultaneous users (e.g., students).

Contacts & Issues

If you have questions, suggestions or have encountered a problem, please raise an issue on our GitHub Issues page.